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March 18, 2005

By: Alan Zunec

Free cell phones no credit card needed

Don't think for a second that because you don't have a credit card you can't qualify for a free wireless cell phone. Free cell phones no credit card needed is for you. A free cell phone no credit card needed is available for anyone taking the time to seek out his or her mobile options. It is possible to activate your phone with a debit card and be approved for service or use a pay as you go card.

You are not limited to your landline you too can have a cell phone. It is very likely that with the right cell phone company you can be approved in 60 seconds. If you are seeking out a wireless network because you don't have any credit or you have bad credit, these options apply to you too. You can find a dependable mobile service provider that does not do a credit check. If this is your main concern keep in mind the fact that at the same time they may ask for a small deposit. This small deposit, most times, is refundable.

For your free cell phone simply look for an authorized cell phone dealer that appeals to you. On-line you have all the resources you need right beneath your fingertips. Free cell phones are offered by a variety of wireless service providers. And with many of these no credit history is no problem. Don't let bad credit or no credit get in the way of you getting your hands on a free mobile phone.

Once you have paid your national wireless provider your refundable deposit and received your free cell phone with free shipping you are off to the races. You can be a happy person with your mobile options like: unlimited evening and weekend rates, great long distance, and no hassle with upgrading or switching plans.

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